Questions For My Federal Imposers

Dear Jared, Mark, and Michael:

I'd like you to use the following set of questions as you listen to our President speak on health care this evening:

1. How does Obama reconcile creating another government bureaucracy which spends trillions of taxpayers’ hard earned money and insures 350 million Americans, with creating "efficiencies" and "reducing costs?"

2. When Obama talks about the people who say “we just can’t do nothing,” who, specifically, has said that besides Obama?

3. Does Obama talk about comprehensive tort reform and reducing defensive medicine/documentation practices which will reduce costs by tens of billions of dollars?

4. Does Obama talk about allowing the 1300+ insurance companies to sell plans across state lines by enforcing the Constitution's Commerce Clause, which will reduce costs for every single American dramatically? It’s worked for millions of products and services for decades, why does he think it won’t work for health insurance?

5. Does Obama talk about making health insurance for the individual tax deductible which will allow Americans to use their own dollars to make their own choices about their own health care?

6. Does Obama talk about the numerous alternative plans that have been offered and why does he keep saying no plans have been offered by Republicans? Hasn’t he seen HR 3400?

7. Does Obama specifically address how he will reform Medicare’s $38 trillion of unfunded debt?

8. Does Obama specifically state how ObamaCare will improve the quality of health care for every American?

9. How does Obama reconcile his mantra of deficit-neutral health care reform with the knowledge that the CBO tells him that his plan will add tens of billions every year to the deficit?

10. When Obama talks about the public option, does he inform the American people that the only choices they will have are mandated by hundreds (perhaps thousands!) of government regulations?

11. Does Obama inform the people of America about the 50+ new agencies, committees, and panels that ObamaCare will create?

12. Does Obama inform the American people that the main agency that will enforce compliance with ObamaCare is the IRS?

13. Does Obama inform the American people that participants in Medicare D will see their premiums rise by 20%?

14. Will Obama inform the people that the 47 million uninsured number is inaccurate according to the Census Bureau?

15. Will Obama tell the truth about the "uninsured" -– That only about 4% of the total population in U.S. is uninsured. Allowing about half of the 18 million (ages 18 to 34) as part of the 17 million (household income > $50K), 9.5 million + 17 million + 9 million = 35.5 million. 46.6 million – 35.5 million = 11.1 million potentially “uninsured.” In 2006, the Census Bureau reported that there were 46.6 million people without health insurance. About 9.5 million were not United States citizens. Another 17 million lived in households with incomes exceeding $50,000 a year and could, presumably, purchase their own health coverage [1]. Eighteen million of the 46.6 million uninsured were between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four, most of whom were in good health and not necessarily in need of health-care coverage or chose not to purchase it [2]. Moreover, only 30 percent of the nonelderly population who became uninsured in a given year remained uninsured for more than twelve months. Almost 50 percent regained their health coverage within four months [3]. The 47 million “uninsured” figure used by [Speaker of the House Nancy] Pelosi and others is wildly inaccurate.” [From "Liberty and Tyranny" by Mark Levin.]

16. When Obama talks about special interest groups, will he inform the American people that he is the biggest monetary benefactor of special interest groups like the ABA, the AMA, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and the Teamsters?

17. When Obama starts bringing up the stories of people who have problems with their insurance will he bring up any stories of the 85% of Americans who are happy with their insurance?

18. Will Obama have an explanation for the American people as to why he hasn’t invited GOP leaders to the White House since April of this year for talks on health care reform? Will he tell the American people why he said to GOP leaders that he has health care reform under control?

19. When Obama talks about health care/insurance reform, does he know the actual definition of reform – ‘to put or change into an improved form or condition?’

20. Based on the actual definition of reform, does ObamaCare come anywhere close to true reform?

21. Does Obama present a plan that is market-based, limits the role of government, decreases costs, improves the quality and delivery of health care, has comprehensive tort reform, and allows for complete freedom of choice by the individual?

Please, please, take notes on the speech and send me your answers. I'll be teaching a class tonight, and won't be able to watch it. I'd be very interested in your answers to the above questions.

Your voting, vocal, and very concerned constituent,
[Edited and revised from http://bit.ly/35hEnW ]