Denying Deceit

I am proud to call myself a denier of catastrophic human-caused global warming.

I deny that there is any scientific evidence that the carbon dioxide I emit while breathing, driving, flying, or computing, is going to change our planet’s climate in any measurable way.

I deny that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. I affirm that carbon dioxide is the source of all life on earth, and that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will promote the growth of plants, thus providing more food for humans and animals.

I deny that carbon dioxide, the vital gas of life, is anything more than a very minor part of the misnamed “greenhouse effect.” I affirm that the most important part of the so-called greenhouse effect is water.

I deny that there is any scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, from whatever source, will make the earth’s oceans less alkaline, will cause more and bigger hurricanes, or will make the sea level rise any faster than the current ~2mm/year.

I deny that humans and their activities are a cancer on the face of the earth.

I deny that humans are the most destructive species. I affirm that only humans can love polar bears, save the whales, and enjoy the beauties of our still-mostly-untouched planet.

I deny that politically funded science, done at the behest of politicians whose sole lust is for more taxpayer money and more power over ordinary people’s lives, is science. I affirm that such politically funded science is, in fact, propaganda in its most insidious form.

I affirm that the pseudoscientific religion of human-caused climate change is deceit and deception.

I affirm humanity and human intelligence, and affirm that humans are capable of adapting to whatever climate the planet may change to, whether that be warmer or colder.

I am a denier of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

And I’m proud to call myself a denier.