Dear Senator OBAMA!

Hey Barry,

Even though it might be a bit early in the game, I'm going to make a donkey of you and me that you are now the Ruler of the Known Universe with all the powers appertaining thereunto. Being a Harvard man, I'm sure you get that lingo.

Since you don't know me from Joe the Plumber, you might note that, like you, I lived for a long time in Asia under several different dictators ranging from the benign Lee Kuan Yew to the malignant Ferdinand Marcos. Unlike Sarah Palin, I can't see Siberia from my front door, but have only seen its blindingly white barrenness from the window of an airliner.

You graduated from high school the same year I graduated from grad school with an M.A. in English Lit. You edited the Harvard Law Review, but I only edited my high school's newspaper when I was in Singapore while you were in elementary school just south of me in Jakarta. Lee Kuan Yew's government benignly censored my high school newspaper, something George Bush 41's government didn't do to your editions of the Harvard Law Review.

We thus share a history of living in Asia, where change is happening at a rate that boggles even the Asians. I've noted that one of the major themes of your race for the rulership has been "change." I'm very skeptical, however, that you really intend to change anything.

The Congress of These United States has been dominated by a majority of the members of your chosen party for quite a few years now. Yet we haven't seen much change. American troops continue to occupy parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Germany, and around 100 other countries that thus give up bits and pieces of their military sovereignty. I haven't heard any proposals from you or your buddies in the Senate to move away from these united States' current stance of Team America, World Police.

Because I was censored in Singapore, I'm very sensitive to kind of violations of civil liberty that we see most often in airports: loss of privacy through 3D X-ray machines that show human body parts in all their pornographic glory; requirements for every worker in these united States to prove citizenship through showing of "Your papers, please." These routine decimations of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution don't appear to be addressed in your call for "change." And, although you once taught Constitutional law, I suspect your Rulership won't change the trashing that you and all the other law-imposers have inflicted on the Constitution during this century.

I don't see either you or your fellow party members calling for an end to the War on Ourselves that you and most of the other Senators and Congressmen foisted on us in hysterical overreaction to the tragic loss of 3000 Americans in New York's World Trade Center more than seven years ago. Having lived in Muslim Indonesia, you must be aware of the hatred for America caused by our continued occupation of the Muslim holy land, and our ongoing meddling in almost all the other countries of the so called Middle East. Removing any hint of meddling and occupation would also remove the most potent cause for the terrorism that we are no longer experiencing.

Since terrorists no longer endanger us, why are we continuing to terrorize ourselves with airport security that denigrates United States Citizens and makes us look like a Police State to the rest of the world? As an additional side-effect, those same airport security measures have nearly destroyed the once-proud American airline industry. Do you have a plan to change these measures, removing their unConstitutional restrictions on the right to privacy and travel? I suspect not. Yeah, thought so. You're afraid of change that makes you look like you're "soft on terror." Yep.

As a side note, if you and your political buddies had allowed united States Citizens to Constitutionally defend themselves on all airline flights, there would not have been a tragic loss of 3000 lives in 2001. And if the Constitution was as honored in the air as it is (finally) on the ground in the District of Columbia, we would never again see anyone, terrorist or otherwise, terrorize a flight on an American airline. To paraphrase one of my favorite authors, "A society that can defend itself is a polite society."

Which brings us finally to the real issue of change in these united States: you politicians don't trust us. You don't trust American citizens with the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution. You don't trust us with the right to defend ourselves. You don't trust us to be charitable to those less fortunate than ourselves, and instead use the force and violence of the IRS to extract "charity" that you then take 70% away for administration, leaving only 30% to demean and disincentivize its recipients.

You don't trust us to care for our environment in a way that doesn't destroy our ability to make a living for ourselves. You don't trust us to put into our bodies those substances we believe will make us healthier. You don't trust us to decide for ourselves whether or not to continue or prevent a pregnancy. You don't trust us to travel to Cuba and befriend Cubans, allowing them to see the true cost of the authoritarian poverty their government has imposed on them.

You don't trust us to pay for and use wisely the best health-care institutions in the Known Universe. You don't trust us to deduct our own health care expenses from taxes rather than giving that privilege only to our employers. You don't trust us to choose a health insurance company that has, as one of its competitive advantages, a guarantee to cover people who aren't completely disease-free.

You don't even trust our planet Gaia's built-in feedback mechanisms that will prevent runaway warming from whatever cause, be it human or natural. Instead, you trust the garbage-in-garbage-out of a few hand-tweaked computer programs that erroneously continue to predict the warming of a globe that is now cooling, a far more dangerous temperature for human beings. You trust these computer programs to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of poor people, who are starving from a 50% increase in food prices due to your insistence that we burn corn for fuel instead of food.

And, worst of all, you don't trust us to invest in our own future and provide for our sunset years. Instead, you force us to fund a bogus Ponzi scheme that cheats the poorest and least healthy among us out of a decent heritage.

If you could persuade your fellow law-imposers to get rid of a few thousand of the most Constitutionally-infringing impediments that you've imposed during this new century, I might trust you with the Rulership of the Known Universe. Until then, I will remain wary and vigilant.

Yours in Liberty,
W. Earl Allen

P.S. Look for my Dear Johnny letter soon.